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OPENFOAM and OpenCFD are registered trademarks of ESI Group.

This offering is not approved or endorsed by ESI Group, the producer of the OpenFOAM® software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.


Customers who are not yet using simulation methods will benefit from our complete modelling tools that meet both: The industrial standards for pre- and post processing as well as the state of the art solution technologies. In contrast to competing tools, customers can use the analysis programs combined by us at a fraction of the usual costs for software licensing. This is possible due to the customization and combination of different tools, which are then adapted to open source software, e.g. the CFD toolbox OpenFOAM® and the finite element solver CalculiX.

Customers, who are already using a simulation environment, can benefit from additional tools e.g. for meshing and building simulation cases. Additionally, we adapt our tools in order to support the in-house CAE solvers and integrate them into the CAE workflow.

Our Service

DHCAE Tools offers customised analysis solutions for CFD and finite element analysis based on open source solver technology. Besides the typical CAE consulting, we develop and deliver models, tools and CAE environments for in-house usage. We either build our tools under consideration of on-site CAE infrastructures or we provide complete customised tools e.g. pre-processors, solvers and post-processors.

The key components to provide these solutions are:

Software CastNet

Professional simulation environment for CFD and FEA at total costs below

400 €/month!

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