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Filter particle tracking

CFD-water-filter-for-filter-applications CFD-water filter showing particles

Filter applications

In filter applications, a complex repercussion of particles on the flow medium comes up: By their precipitate, particles heighten the local resistance in filter zones which, at the beginning, are especially intensely flown through and cause the flow medium to take another way. DHCAE Tools develops filter application models in a project promoted by BMWF (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology).

From CAD model to stable and reliable results

CFD-processing-plants-grid CFD-processing-plants-CAD

CastNet and OpenFOAM® heat treatment. By courtesy of EFD, Freiburg

Processing plants

DHCAE Tools has extensive experience in optimizing flow in processing plants. Together with the customer, solutions for the use of installation elements are developed, like e.g. the optimization of the flow on baffles. This results in low operating costs (lower pressure loss) or a safe operation of the plant.

From CAD model to stable and reliable results

CFD-model of an extruder for plastics applications CFD-extruder for plastics applications

CastNet and OpenFOAM in plastics industries.

By courtesy of IKT, University Karlsruhe

Plastics applications

DHCAE Tools has extensive experience in the field of modelling of plastics applications. Based on the software solutions of DHCAE Tools, the whole area of efficient inhouse modelling from pre-processing, extensions of complex rheological flow processes up to an efficient post-processing for plastics applications is implemented. This leads to especially stable processes, e.g. for plastics extrusion and improved product quality.

Filter particle tracking

CFD-CAD-deposition CFD-deposition for flow simulations

Deposition plants

Deposition plants for drops can efficiently be optimised with flow simulations. CastNet easily displays resistance zones and OpenFOAM reliably simulates the resulting flow. DHCAE Tools supports the customer’s software for in-house applications for these plants or provides the simulation in question as a service. Due to the close cooperation and the homogenous software platform, the customer is free to decide whether to execute simulations on his own or whether to have them simulated by external order anytime.

From CAD model to stable and reliable results

CFD-CAD-filter plants CFD-filter-CAD-results

Filter plants

Filter plants for air cleaning have been a long-term field of activity of DHCAE Tools. DHCAE Tools’ software can read, mesh and simulate complex assembly groups in this field. The flow in the plant is optimised by efficiently carried out variants’ simulations to ensure a continuous operation without failures and faults.

Please note that we can only show a limited selection of our work as many of our projects are confidential.

Gallery with example cases CastNet and OpenFOAM®

DHCAE Tools’ expertise

We have a vast experience and expertise in solving complex CFD tasks from various sectors for a targeted design or optimisation of products and processes.

CFD-CAD-heat-treatment CFD-CAD-heat treatment-quench

Heat treatment

Quench hardening is a process in heat treatment where cooling jets from a nozzle field impinge on heated metallic parts. The cooling rate greatly influences the structural transformation and the resulting properties of the base material. CFD analyses are conducted to optimize the flow field and the resulting heat exchange rate at the surface.