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Solver extensions

The availability of the source code and the structure as toolbox make OpenFOAM® an ideal basis for extensions, like the integration of additional physical models or modelling of specific material behaviour.

In addition to our extensive OpenFOAM extensions from publicly funded projects (see video examples on the right), we extend OpenFOAM for specific applications for our customers. These can be small direct extensions and tools as well as long-term development projects. Within the scope of long-term development projects, we focus on model extensions for

● Multiphase applications such as sprays, aerosols, particle flows, VoF, film formation

● Moving grids and FSI

● Heat transport applications such as CHT

Being experts for programming with this system, we offer high level software developments for non-standard CFD applications and carry out customised adaptations, tailored to the individual company workflow.

Software developments

In addition to the OpenFOAM® solver extensions, we cover the whole application spectrum with our software developments:

And we create specific analysis tools, e.g. for data extraction from the results or the automated analysis of entire simulation series.


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Individual workflow

As an alternative to using multi-purpose software, specially adapted simulation codes can be used by the design engineer within his normal work flow. Especially the open source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM® allows to combine CFD solution technologies and to adapt these methods for the according needs. The result is an application-oriented, highly specialised and easy-to-handle solver supporting the development departments in their design process.

Personal preferences

Given the design engineers individual way of working, a customised modelling and simulation environment can be fitted exactly to the users’ personal preferences. Existing hardware (PCs, work stations etc.) and software (Windows or Linux environments, CAD software etc.) can be used along, while the new modelling and simulation environment is integrated. This way established work flows remain intact and the introduction of the new technology generates little expenses.

Individual skills

The customised approach permits the adaptation of the modelling and simulation environment to the individual CFD skills of the design engineer. The range of available modelling features can be reduced or extended as required.

Reduction of time

For industrial applications, the usage of graphical user interfaces that provides assistance and guidance to the user is necessary. The time span to set up the simulation can be reduced significantly and sources of errors can be eliminated.

Would you like to know more about indiviudal customisation?

You need reliable, easy-to-handle and cost-efficient flow simulation methods to optimise your products?

You develop a range of products with similar flow conditions and you do not have a local CFD expert, but you would like to use simulation methods to optimise your products? You would like to have a reliable, stable and easy-to-handle solution without having to bear the typically high, annual licensing fees for commercial CFD solutions?

Our solution: We will run a CFD project to validate a modelling approach and solution setup for your application. Based on this, we will combine, deliver and support a complete CFD environment including pre-processor, solver and post-processor which are adapted to your applications and will meet your demands for further in-house studies.

You need a suitable tool for a particular problem for CFD / FEA?

You are already using CFD/ FEA but a particular problem (e.g. the easy and fast building of simulation models for geometry case studies) requires a suitable tool?

Our solution: We provide our tools, adapt them according to your demands and integrate them into your workflow.

You need a convenient modelling environment to prepare OpenFOAM® cases easily?

You have decided to use OpenFOAM® for the modelling of CFD problems, e.g. to control the solution process or to develop models by yourself, but you are looking for a convenient modelling environment to prepare OpenFOAM® cases easily?

Our solution: We provide our modelling environment CastNet that allows setting up OpenFOAM® cases directly (including solver settings, boundary and initial conditions). If required, we will adapt our environment to enable your modelling requirements to fit your workflow and to support your CAD system.

You need a simulation solution for a complex flow problem?

You search for a simulation solution for a complex flow challenge, e.g. a fluid-structure interaction problem?

Our solution: We test our solution capabilities, build or adapt problem-solving models and integrate the solution into your CAE-environment. For very complex problems beyond the scope of common CFD usage, we offer access to a network of excellent and specialised research facilities that can assist in finding a solution.

Typical extension tasks

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All-round carefree  package

for open source solver technology

DHCAE Tools supports the whole CFD/FEA workflow: software additions (CastNet), services, training courses, support and solver extensions.

Comprehensive extensions: Atomisation modelling

Comprehensive extensions: Filtration modelling