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We offer customised solutions for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis based on open source solver technology (OpenFOAM® and CalculiX).

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Click here for an introduction to our CFD solvers for filter applications.

DHCAE Tools Company News

3/24: New service: Automated CFD tools with browser interface

8/23: Extended abstract multiphysics conference online

8/23: Visit our booth at Nafems Multiphysics conference

14-15 November 2023 in Munich. We will present the coupled CFD/CSM analysis for heat treatment of titanium components

4/23: Visit our booth at ECCE-conference

14th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, Berlin, 17-21 September 2023. We present the VoF to Lagrange transition modelling

4/23: Meet us at LightCon Conference for lightweight construction, 13 June 2023 in Hannover. We present the results from our Research project on the heat treatment of titanium components

8/2022: Our CIR-certification has been renewed for 2022-24

5/2022: Save the date 14-16 February 2023: Visit us at Filtech Cologne booth:Hall 8 / C14

5/2022: Regional NAFEMS conference 4. - 6. Oktober 2022, Bamberg, D: Visit our booth and follow our presentations

3/2021: Save the date 8-15 March 2022: Visit us at Filtech Cologne booth:Hall 8 / C14

2/2020: Save the date 23-25 February 2021: Visit us at Filtech Cologne booth:Hall 8 / C14

7/2019: Visit us at Filtech Cologne booth: T28 - Presentation: „A flexible approach for meso-scale filtration modelling based on open-source CFD“ at 24 Oktober, Room 1B, Session L15: 10:45-12.00

6/2019: Our presentation during  OpenFOAM Workshop, Duisburg,  23.07-  26.07:“A Numerical Framework for Filtration Applications based on Lagrangian Particle Methods“

6/2019: New partner in filter modelling it4e for Micro modelling (dnslab)

1/2019: Visit us at Partec: Presentation of filter modeling based on OpenFOAM.

5/2018: Filter Solver Extension with meso-scale model. Video

1/2018: 2. Price for DHCAE and EEL Geman-French Business award: Video

9/2017: Our Newsletter September 2017

9/2017: Meet us: Ensight-User conference in Munich,  30. November – 1. Dezember 2017

9/2017: Visit us at NAFEMS-Conference 22. - 23. November 2017, Neuendettelsau (close to Nuernberg)

4/2017: CIR-Certification renewed for 2017/2018/2019

12/2016: New publication: DHCAE's Filter app

10/2016: Visit us at the FILTECH conference from 11-13 October 2016 in Cologne (Kölnmesse) and meet us at hall 11.1 at stand E35. Our presentation “Micro-macroscopic filter modelling based on  computational fluid dynamics (CFD)“ will take place on Wednesday, 12.10.2016 at 1 pm in room 4A.

10/2016: DHCAE Tools is Silver Sponsor of the 4th ESI OpenFOAM User Conference, 11-13 October 2016 in Cologne.Unser Newsletter September 2017

CastNet News

8/2023: CastNet Update: Based on new meshing and CAD important release. Enhancements for filter solver

11/2022: CastNet Update: Extensions for

New OpenFOAM releases

7/2022: CastNet Update: Extensions for preCICE support

5/2021: New CastNet 8.2 release added support for OpenFOAM 8, v2006/v2012 and BlueCFD 2020

4/2020: New CastNet 8 release with native CAD modelling and preCICE FSI support

1/2019 : New Videos: Usage of CastNet for OpenFOAM and CalculiX

7/2018: Announcement coming soon: Enhanced CAD manipulation functionality: Ask for a demo/trial

7/2018: CastNet Update: Support for  OpenFOAM 1712 Blue CFD 2017

9/2017: CastNet new release: Support for  OpenFOAM 5 (Linux, Windows 10: Ubuntu-Bash) and v1612/v1706, new OpenFOAM-functionality

12/2016: CastNet new release: Support for OpenFOAM 4 (Linux, Windows: BlueCFD) and v1606+, many new meshing feature and new OpenFOAM-functionality

01/2016: CastNet new release: A variety of new solvers and case setup features with templates for an easier case setup is available up to OpenFOAM® 3.0 Release Notes

10/2015: New alternative test environment available via Internet. Direct access with data exchange via drop box and no need to install any software. Just ask for access data.

8/2015: CastNet new release: Improved meshing features and enhanced analysis' features Release Notes

2/2015: CastNet new release: Gui redesign and new features Release Notes

6/2014: CastNet new release: OpenFOAM 2.3 support Release Notes

11/2013: New CastNet version: New case setup environment, strongly improved OpenFOAM usage, Calculix-FEA solver support

Training Schedule:

4/23: We are going with Video Trainings in 2023

5/22: We are going with Video Trainings in 2022

1/21: Web training on request

8. + 9. September 2020: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM® (German)

18. + 19. February 2019: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM® (German)

7. + 8. May 2019: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM® (German)

19. + 20. September 2018: Multiphase -Training for OpenFOAM® (Englisch)

5. + 6. September 2018: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM® (German)

25. + 26. April 2018: Multiphase-Training for OpenFOAM® (Englisch)

10. + 11. April 2018: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM® (German)

13. + 14. November 2017: Multiphase-Training for OpenFOAM® (Englisch)

11. + 12. November 2017: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM® (Englisch)

30. + 31. Oktober 2017: Base-Training CastNet and OpenFOAM®

Our Presentation:

Automated CFD design tools using the example of the heat treatment of titanium components

Meet us at our booth!

Meet us:

Nafems DACH conference

10-12 June 2024 in


Completely new service

CFD simply simple:

Our new automated CFD tools with cloud connection and browser interface