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CastNet simplifies the usage of CAE solution technologies for open-source solvers: Beside typical text file editing an alternative GUI based way to work with OpenFOAM®  is provided,  while still maintaining the full compatibility with standard OpenFOAM® releases. As a result a flexible workflow is established and the user may switch between text file and GUI based case setup at any point of time.

The combination of the powerful open-source solver technology with DHCAE’s professional GUIs for case set-up, meshing and monitoring tools results in complete CAE environment that conforms to industrial standards of high-end simulation tools at a fraction of the usual costs for software licensing.

The outstanding features of the CastNet modeling environment are:

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Demonstration videos:

The videos demonstrate the usage of CastNet on Windows (BlueCFD) and Linux.

Geometry inputMeshing supportCalculiX supportPost-processingJob control: runGuiOpenFOAM support

OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® are registered trademarks of ESI Group.

This offering is not approved or endorsed by ESI Group, the producer of the OpenFOAM® software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.

CastNet is DHCAE Tools’ response to a convenient and professional usage of open source solver technology in an industrial environment

We offer professional CFD/FEA-environment at total costs from

500 €/month!

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CastNet feature overview:

GUI, OpenFOAM®, CalculiX

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All-round carefree  package

for open source solver technology

DHCAE Tools supports the whole CFD/FEA workflow: software additions (CastNet), services, training courses, support and solver extensions.


Video 1: Feature and workflow

video_Optimisation_openfoamVideo 2: CFD-Optimisation by CAD variants

video_CHT_openFoamVideo 3: Conjugate heat transfer -CFD part

video_cht_CCXVideo 4: Thermal stresses with CCX based on cht analysis

video_SnappyHexMesh_openfoamVideo 5: Pump modeling without extracting fluid domain

From complex assemblies to solutions for advanced CFD applications

FSI Benchmarks - Examples - Click here

Now with full support for fluid-structure interactions (FSI) with OpenFOAM-Calculix-preCICE

CastNet Publications and Release updates:

8/2023: CastNet Update: Based on new meshing and CAD important release. Enhancements for filter solver

11/2022: CastNet Update: Extensions for New OpenFOAM releases

7/2022: CastNet Update: Extensions for preCICE support

5/2021: New CastNet 8.2 release added support for OpenFOAM 8, v2006/v2012 and BlueCFD 2020

4/2020: New CastNet 8 release with native CAD modelling (see video example) and preCICE FSI support

10/2019 : Download paper (pdf): Use of Open-Source Solver Technology for Design-related CFD, Nafems Conference 2019

1/2019 : New Videos: Usage of CastNet for OpenFOAM and CalculiX

7/2018: Announcement coming soon: Enhanced CAD manipulation functionality: Ask for a demo/trial

7/2018: CastNet Update: Support for  OpenFOAM 1712 Blue CFD 2017

9/2017: CastNet new release: Support for  OpenFOAM 5 (Linux, Windows 10: Ubuntu-Bash) and v1612/v1706, new OpenFOAM-functionality

12/2016: CastNet new release: Support for OpenFOAM 4 (Linux, Windows: BlueCFD) and v1606+, many new meshing feature and new OpenFOAM-functionality

01/2016: CastNet new release: A variety of new solvers and case setup features with templates for an easier case setup is available up to OpenFOAM® 3.0 Release Notes

10/2015: New alternative test environment available via Internet. Direct access with data exchange via drop box and no need to install any software. Just ask for access data.

8/2015: CastNet new release: Improved meshing features and enhanced analysis' features Release Notes

2/2015: CastNet new release: Gui redesign and new features Release Notes

6/2014: CastNet new release: OpenFOAM 2.3 support Release Notes

11/2013: New CastNet version: New case setup environment, strongly improved OpenFOAM usage, Calculix-FEA solver support