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Particle transport: DHCAE Tools is an expert for particle modelling and integrates comprehensive models and extensions into OpenFOAM for

Free surfaces

Typical examples of our engineering projects are:

Rheology (emphasis on plastic moulds)

Rotating applications, dynamic grids and FSI

Please see the examples for FSI on our preCICE page.

DHCAE Tools has more than 15 years experience in providing CFD engineering services for complex flow situations. Based on this knowledge and expertise, we support our customers to solve their problems with numerical techniques. Combining these services with our software solutions, customers can freely decide to utilize our engineering services solely or to institute smoothly in-house solutions based on their particular applications we already analyzed for them.

Typical fields of CFD engineering projects of DHCAE Tools are:


Example 1: Optimisation of flow in filter plant with more than 1000 individual elements considering the continuous flow shift caused by clogged filters

For more examples of engineering projects conducted by DHCAE Tools, please visit our Case Studies or Application Movies site.

Example 2: Water droplets are evaporating in a quenching device. Strong coupled interaction with heat transfer, multiple species transport, species mass transfer and parcel based particle modelling.

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All-round carefree  package

for open source solver technology

DHCAE Tools supports the whole CFD/FEA workflow: software additions (CastNet), services, training courses, support and solver extensions.


Example 4: CFD analysis to improve inflow situation into a chimney by optimisation of the fan channel geometry

Example 5: CFD analysis of a swirl generator to avoid wall abrasive effects of particle loaded flows

CFD-Engineering swirl generator

CFD-Engineering means for us not only to be able to calculate a flow process, but also to make suggestions for an optimization.

This requires not only efficient and reliable calculation tools, but also in-depth knowledge of fluid mechanics. Expertly executed, the potential for CFD optimization is often immense.

Don't wait till it's too late: Use CFD analyses already in the development phase, not only when problems arise!

Single phase CFD with or without heat transfer


Example 6: CFD simulation of a fan with mechanical tensions in the rotor

Example 3: Modelling of atomization process with free surface approach (VOF)