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„Our vision is to combine the excellent open source technology for CFD with our customized proprietary systems to meet exactly the individual needs of our clients.“

Dr. Ulrich Heck


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DHCAE Tools is

NAFEMS member

NAFEMS is an independent not-for-profit association focussing on the practical application of numerical engineering simulation techniques such as the Finite Element Method for Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multibody Simulation.

Within Nafems, we are active part of NAFEMS CFD Advisory Board (CAB) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). CAB supports and advises the NAFEMS DACH steering committee on CFD issues, e.g. seminars, regional conferences and other activities.

Who we are

Dr. Ulrich Heck


Martin Becker

Senior Software Engineer


Sibylle Heck


It4e: Experts for microscopic porous media modelling

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Conweb: Our partner for efficient CAD to CFD with SpaceClaim.

Interested in SpaceClaim for CAD to CFD? Click here

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The aim of this project was to provide access to open source technology in a high performance computing environment to facilitate the usage of HPC resources for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and to conduct more advanced and CPU intensive analyses.

We developed an export interface for the cloud, adapted our convenient job control software and solution monitoring for usage in the cloud and provided data transfer tools and OpenFOAM® extensions for the cloud. In particular, OpenFOAM® in combination with CalculiX within a Linux cluster met the requirements.

Our aim was also to enhance our support for our own OpenFOAM® developments and directly integrate our own tools into the clients’ workflow for a usage in the cloud. Now, the end user will find a multi-purpose CFD/FEA environment including the solver extensions provided by DHCAE Tools.

In the project, our partner ProcEng Moser GmbH carried out detailed flow simulations and gave feedback to DHCAE Tools concerning a favoured integration of DHCAE Tools’ applications in the cloud.

Your benefits

DHCAE Tools was part of the cloudSME project „Cloud based Workflow for CFD and FEA Simulation“.

Benefits for OpenFOAM® and CalculiX users

For existing users of OpenFOAM® and CalculiX, a new possibility for an efficient application of these solvers is provided. Besides the industrial use for computational fluid dynamics and structure analysis applications, the academic environment gets a new option to use this highly customizable open source solver technology.



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DHCAE Tools’ allocation decision under the program „Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)“ (central innovation program for medium-sized companies) was granted on October 2019 by AiF.

For the benefit of our customers in France, DHCAE Tools is certified for the participation at the CIR-program:

Le crédit d’impôt recherche (CIR) (reduction of taxes for research and development costs of companies) granted by the French Ministry for national and higher education and research aims to enable and enforce R&D efforts of companies to produce innovation and to support and  education and science.

Renewed for the years: 2022-2023-2024


Being an innovative company with a strong orientation towards highly sophisticated technology, DHCAE Tools GmbH is promoted by BMWI (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) with the research project: „Resource-efficient atomization process enables high quality metal powder for additive manufacturing“.

DHCAE Tools-Simmetrix

Simmetrix: CastNet is based on SimModeler provided by Simmetrix Inc. This guarantees a reliable and professional CFD/FEA meshing based on CAD geometry for industrial applications.

DHCAE Tools-cloudSME-I4MS

This project was sponsored by the European Commission.

cloudSME is part of the i4ms project.

Click here to see our presentation at the ISC Cloud & BigData Conference 2015 in Frankfurt.

DHCAE Tools-Cloudflow

The aim of this project is to simplify the access to CPU-intensive virtual product development and simulation tools, and to make the usage as Engineering Cloud Services for manufacturing industries, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), more cost-efficient.

In our use case, we have two project partners:

The results from the coupled flow simulations and the structural calculations can reduce production costs and time up to 70% each.

Furthermore, the development of the new, numerical optimisation process with the coupling of both calculation methods (flow and structure) results in new, optimised design options in the extrusion sector.

DHCAE Tools is part of the Cloudflow project „Computational Cloud Services and Workflows for Agile Engineering“.

This project is sponsored by the European Commission.

DHCAE Tools-European Commission

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Ulrich Heck

Martin B ecker